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Unmei Hanaka is a featured character in the world of Catharsis. We offer 3 sizes of prints you can choose from: Postcard, Art Print and Poster. Each one is pixel perfect quality with high detail. You can see how beautiful our samurai is in our art prints by looking at the close up detail of her face.

The artwork will not have any watermarks on it. We include a watermark in the picture online to protect our art.


Character background:

Unmei was born a prodigy swordswoman. Her grandfather saw great potential in her and secretly trained her from childhood, believing that she should not be limited by what he saw as outdated customs. He entered her in a young warriors tournament at the age of thirteen where she dominated the competition, but did so under an assumed name. Not fully understanding the societal constraints on women, she revealed her true name as stood to receive her prize, believing with the naivety of youth that her victory would overthrow decades of prejudice. Instead, she had her swordarm removed right there, had the stump cauterized, and was exiled. She fled west to find a new master to serve, but found westerners to be overly aggressive. When a noble refused her, he left her with a scar to remember him by on her eye. During the lowest point of her life, she met Rizardo and Aiden, and she decided to serve Rizardo in his cause to become a King. She fell in love with him, but during a dire moment of survival, Rizardo left Unmei for dead. She somehow survived and returned with a wooden arm. She and Aiden have stayed together and traveled to help others, but her hatred for those she feels betrayed her has been growing for years. Her desire for revenge fuels her indomitable spirit.